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Damage Repair There are many roofing problems that can be solved without having to replace the entire roof. Our roof repair experts are great at diagnosing roof issues and fixing roof leaks. We are always happy to come out and take a look. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation, roof repair estimate and our honest assessment of the condition of your roof. Leaking roofs are one of the most common problems encountered by homeowners. A leaking roof is a serious nuisance and if left untreated can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home- even a small hole can cause major problems (mold, wet insulation, and wood rot)…the list goes on and on. It is therefore very important to have a sound repair plan to stop the damage from expanding. Unfortunately, determining the source of the leak can be rather difficult. It could be missing shingles or any other number of possibilities. The best course of action is to call in an experienced roofer to diagnose the problem for you. Siegel Roofing is a full service roofing company that will gladly fix your leaking roof. We can quickly locate the source of the leak and have it patched, sealed, or replace the damaged or missing shingles. If your roof leaks, don’t wait for the damage to escalate. Contact us to help you get the job done now!
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